Our Vision

YERAG believes in a strong Armenia; the homeland for all Armenians.  
YERAG strives towards an Armenia where equality, justice and prosperity are the common standards, where the youth live in a confident environment with productive possibilities and opportunities, as part of an educated, connected and tolerant society. 

  1. YERAG organizes cultural, educational and informational events annually with the objective to bring the youth together, share the right knowledge and values which build sustained national growth. 
  2. YERAG has an active online presence in Armenia and within the Diaspora communities, disseminating trustworthy information, contributing towards the progress of the Armenian youth. 
  3. YERAG is open to all Armenian youth who are willing to contribute to Armenian cultural, educational and social issues. YERAG facilitates dialogue, makes recommendations and appreciates collaboration, teamwork and collective success.
  4. YERAG looks beyond traditional boundaries and endorses an outreach for partnership and teamwork amongst the youth.
  5. YERAG acts with creativity and knowledge to build youth teams that safeguard Armenians interests.


To become a driving force for Armenian youth

YERAG’s purpose is to have a constructive

contribution to the civic, cultural and social life of

Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora.

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