ADLP Ramgavar delegation pay an official visit to MP Sasun Mikayelyan

Sasun Mikayelyan ADLP Delegates

On the 6th of June, a delegation representing the Central Board of the ADL – RAMGAVAR party visited Armenian MP Sasun Mikayelian. The newly appointed Governor of Kotayk region, Romanos Petrosyan was also present at the meeting.


Sasun Mikayelyan Meets ADLP Ramgavar Delegates


Praising the success achieved through the tolerant and non-violent Velvet Revolution which took place in Armenia during the month of May 2018, and particularly acknowledging the pan-national solidarity and respect the movement garnered amongst the wider Armenian public, the visiting ADLP delegates congratulated the MP Sasun Mikayelyan on the unprecedented civic accomplishments and appreciated the positive atmosphere conveyed to the Diasporan communities in regards to the ethos of the Velvet Revolution.


Sasun Mikayelyan Meets ADLP Ramgavar Delegates


Subsequently, the ADLP – Ramgavar delegates expressed their readiness to lend their support to the national renewal process aimed to introduce the necessary reforms and improved social and economic conditions, expectantly to be shaped and realized by the successive Armenian government.


Sasun Mikayelyan Meets ADLP Ramgavar Delegates


In his turn, MP Sasun Mikayelian noted with satisfaction that during the political upheaval which took place in Armenia, they felt the continued support and enthusiasm of the Armenian Diaspora. Within the framework of strengthening Armenia –  Diaspora collaboration, MP Mikayelyan attached great importance to the role of the ADLP in this new stage of development, urging for active participation in the unceasing nation-building process.


A number of important issues were also discussed during the meeting, including domestic politics, economic investments, repatriation, the strengthening of the army and Homeland – Diaspora relations. Investments and new initiatives in the domains of tourism development for the Hrazdan region were also conferred.


The meeting concluded with the forward-looking appreciation by the ADLP delegates to have had the opportunity for the productive meeting, wishing MP Sasun Mikayelyan and newly appointed Governor of the Kotayk region Romanos Petrosyan, productive tenures ahead, collectively working towards a renewed direction of progress for Armenia, a tighter Armenia – Diaspora collaboration to create improved economic and social opportunities for all citizens of Armenia.


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