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95 Years – Serving the Armenian nation as a Diasporan Armenian political party


The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party is the successor of the Armenagan Party which was established in the Western Armenian city of VAN in 1885 by Megertich Portukalian, Setrag Gabudian and Hampig Der-Hampartsoumian.


The Armenagan Party was the first organized Armenian political movement which was established to defend the civil rights of Armenian people living under the oppressive Ottoman rule and to safeguard their national | ethnic rights. As the first Armenian political party, the Armenagan party fought against numerous injustices committed against the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire and in response was forcefully and unfairly persecuted.


One of the fundamental legacies of the Armenagan party was that for the first time after 400 years of oppression, the pan-national movement and belief towards an organized National Liberation was instigated, encouraging the spread of patriotic sentiments amongst the Armenian populace, giving rise to national and liberal convictions and the subsequent fight for the self-determination and the integrity of the Armenian people.


Through their publications and journals, the Armenagan party prompted many Armenians living in Constantinople, the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the émigré Armenian communities of the US to awaken (ZARTONK) and pursue the equal rights, minority rights, ethnic rights and civil rights of the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire, endorsing nationalistic principles which augmented to the formation of the new political ideologies and subsequent parties.


On the 1st of October 1921, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar Azadagan or RAG) was established, consolidating together the endured fragments of the Armenagan party chapters together with reformist and constitutional factions of the active Armenian national liberation leaders, to form a new political party based on Democratic and Liberal principles.


Primarily working closely with regional leaders, volunteers and aid workers, the ADLP – RAG initially organized and assisted the post Genocide Armenian population, protecting the displaced and malnourished Armenian survivors, providing food and shelter, initiating charitable programs to overcome the colossal humanitarian challenges of all Armenians, gathering orphans for resettlement, providing sustenance, care and moral support to heal the deep scars caused by the Armenian Genocide and the ensuing trauma.


Subsequently, through persistent and assiduous contributions, many Armenian Democratic Liberal Party – RAG leaders, established their nation-building initiatives and worked diligently to support an Armenian renaissance within the communities of the Armenian Diaspora, garnering the support of the party faithful and gradually acquiring a perceived image for being progressive minded, intellectually lead and astute political thinkers.


In the ensuing years, the ADLP – RAG advocated and worked towards the social and intellectual resurgence of the Armenian communities throughout the Middle East, Europe, the US, Australia and Latin America.


The ADLP – RAG was instrumental in establishing the foremost Armenian literary periodicals and newspapers in the US called Baikar in 1922, subsequently the Mirror-Spectator in the US, Nor Or in the US, the eminent Zartonk Daily in Lebanon as the Official Journal of the ADLP – RAG Central Committee, Shirag in Lebanon, Sardarabad in Argentina, Nor Ashkhar and Hay Gyank in Greece, Arev in Egypt, Abaka in Canada, Azg in Armenia and RAG Mamoul – the first Armenian online portal of the ADLP – RAG globally.


For years, the much respected, erudite leaders of the ADLP – RAG, particularly in the US, Lebanon and Syria, came across with their competent and courteous national values, promoting traditions and culture, sustaining active bilateral relations with parallel Armenian organizations, maintaining favorable contact with the Soviet Armenian authorities, guiding newly formed Diasporan communities and of course demonstrating agile, courageous, conducive and reconciliatory roles in countries where the Armenian communities experienced disturbances at times of crisis, civil strife and public discord, especially during the 15 years of the Lebanese Civil War and more recently’ during the Syrian Conflict.


During the 70 years of Soviet rule in Armenia, the ADLP – RAG built and sustained ongoing relations with the literally iron curtained Soviet Armenia, gaining the gratitude of Soviet leaders as well as the appreciation the Armenian community members in their respective communities.


The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party has an unquestionable image of high intellectual capacity, affluence and benevolence, led by cultured community leaders within respective Armenian communities of the Diaspora.


Concludingly, with its intellectual inclination, the ADLP – RAG built schools in many countries and cultivated community leaders and human assets, in many instances led the Armenian General Benevolent Union with its moral high ground and objective propensity, significantly contributing to the rise of the AGBU to become the biggest and most prominent non-profit Armenian organization in Diaspora.


Moreover, the ADL – RAG encouraged Armenians in Diasporan communities to assimilate into the fabric of their countries of citizenry, contributing as respected residents and in response engaging the appreciation and trust of their country’s leaders for showing exemplary citizenship in such places as Argentina, Uruguay, The US, Canada, France, the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Australia.


Today, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party – RAG remains a prominent Diasporan Armenian political party, serving the Diasporan communities with renewed commitment towards its perennial homeland; the Republic of Armenia – Home of all Armenians, upholding its unconditional dedication to strive for the progress of the entire Armenian nation.


1st October, 2016

95 Years – Serving the Armenian nation as a Diasporan Armenian political party


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