Our Initiatives

YERAG stands as a link between the ADLP and its chapters worldwide, including the ADLP Media, the regional committees and is accountable to the ADLP Central Committee. 


YERAG promotes plans and initiatives which encourage the involvement of youth within Armenians communities worldwide, believing in the constructive input of the Armenian youth in the management of communal affairs.


YERAG believes that the traditionalist approaches to addressing Armenian community issues especially in the diaspora should be reviewed, emphasizing that the current youth, the university students, the graduates or the new career professionals have adequate and specialized insight and ability to manage regional Diaspora community affairs today.



Our Directives

Shared ideas and experiences should be widely encouraged, transparent communal and organizational management system should be introduced and we believe the youth can facilitate this.


Educational issues within each community should be reassessed to serve the purpose and needs of the 21st-century parents and we believe our young professionals possess the training to introduce our communal educational reform.


Enhancements within our community activities and social clubs should be furnished with a contemporary knowledge base and we believe the youth can bring forward these innovations to our community governance.


A comprehensive and inclusive dialogue between Diaspora and Armenia should be initiated. We believe the youth is more tolerant to address these permanent challenges and are able to find the necessary solutions to relevant questions.


To become a driving force for Armenian youth

YERAG’s purpose is to have a constructive

contribution to the civic, cultural and social life of

Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora.

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