Our campaigns

The focus of our campaigns is to ensure that YERAG members are involved in each project wholeheartedly and are assigned based on their own interests and campaign expectation.


Our programs are geared to target specific domains which we consider of elemental importance. 

We believe that with our focused supervision, YERAG youth will receive the correct training and exposure, enabling them to succeed in the work they are tasked to do.


Our success is based on individual efforts and team spirit.

YERAG Believes In Teamwork.


  • #CampArtsakh is our panagoum event planned for Armenian participants to spend time together in the beautiful countryside of Artsakh or Armenia and get involved in educational activities, making new friends, enjoy and share new experiences with peers, get involved in extensive outdoor exercises, as well as practice sports and recreational activities.
  • #ConnectArmenia is our professional networking and project management seminars, bringing together young entrepreneurs to discuss and share various business issues and to participate in new business ventures in Armenia.
  • #Recognition 2.0 is planned under the umbrella of the Armenian Rights Council of the ADLP – RAG to advocate and campaign for the just pursuit and recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
  • #Creatica is our #freethinking program for exhibitions, workshops and web projects bringing together creative minds, creative students to create campaigns and artworks in support of an Armenian cause or non-profit initiatives.
  • #DiscoverArmenia is our travelling, adventure and social group excursions to discover the sights and sound of Armenia from a geographic, cultural and historic perspective. This is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded Armenians, adventurers, friends and locals at the various corners of Armenia.




Alternative Social Calendar

  • #Natureevents –  #cultureevents – #careerevents 

  • #Youthdialogue for literary, cultural, group discussions, social evenings, musical events, charities, support campaigns and art events.


To become a driving force for Armenian youth

YERAG’s purpose is to have a constructive

contribution to the civic, cultural and social life of

Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora.

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